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FULFullerton (Amtrak station code; Fullerton, CA)
FULFederal Upper Limit (Medicaid reimbursements)
FULFondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise (French)
FULFonds Unifié Logement (French: Unified Housing Fund)
FULFederación Universitaria Local (Spanish: Local University Federation; Bolivia)
FULFuites Urinaires Légères (French: Light Urinary Leakage)
FULFrisbee Ultimate Lanaudière (Canadian frisbee league)
FULFunctional Urethral Length (anatomy)
FULFullerton Transportation Center (train station location identifier; California)
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There are two ways of preparing ful in Madinah, one is made of hand-crushed fava beans and the other is prepared with the whole bean.
It is relatively simple but just needs a lot of practice to perfect," said Ful.
"If the draft sets of FULs are implemented, it could result in the loss of access to community pharmacies for Medicaid patients," the two association executives added.
Class B: Finals - 66kg: Matt Ryan (Middleton) WPts M Cantley (Avalon).70kgs: P Gavin (Preston & Ful.) WPts S McArdle (Sefton).75kg: R Sutton (Preston & Ful.) Dsg3rd M Loup (North M ersey).
State MAC programs are similar to the FUL program, which establishes national ceiling prices for certain generic drugs under Medicaid.
The sentences (8-9) contain the nominal phrases ful eape 'very easily', full apele 'very noble', full welize 'very rich', full unrote 'very unhappy', and full baldlice 'very boldly'.
However, a study released in October by the Office of Inspector General found that the FUL amounts based on AMPs exceeded pharmacy acquisition costs by 43%.
"In addition to the significant reductions in pharmacy reimbursement that would result from implementation of FULs based on AMP, we continue to see great variability in FULs from month to month, the tendency of FULs to appear and disappear from draft FUL lists, the lack of correlation between AMP and pharmacy acquisition cost, and the prevalence of FULs that have been calculated in a manner that is inconsistent with the requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)," NACDS stated in a letter to CMS.
For most residents of Makkah, there is no iftar meal without their favorite traditional dishes of ful and tamiz.
In addition to the FUL list, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is expected to issue shortly a proposed rule to implement pharmacy Medicaid reimbursement according to average manufacturer price (AMP).
Kocot asks that CMSO undertake adequate market research to assure that only those products that are actually available for sale nationally are considered when determining whether the minimum number of suppliers exist to set an FUL.