FUMSFirst United Methodist School (Kissimmee, FL)
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For each pair of FUMS shoes sold, Doing His Work First will donate the cost of one pair of Samaritan's Feet shoes, eventually sponsoring distributions for groups of children.
Fagerberg (1994) reiterates the view in the economic growth literature that technological progress is variously conceived as a free good, as a by-product of other economic activities, or as the result of intentional research and development activities in private fums. He approaches the issue from a broad perspective, and acknowledges that government intervention in financial markets is necessary to support the growth of national technological capabilities, with the sequence of the information diffusion and the subsequent gains to adopters supporting the Rogers (1962) S-shaped curve theory.
Unskilled, dull, seasonal or unpleasant Labor is reserved for contingent workers, who can be part-time or temporary employees of big firms, or employees of the innumerable subcontractors supplying parts and services to big fums. (Part-timers are characterized more by the tenuousness of their employment and the absence of fringe benefits than the length of their week, which can be as long as forty-eight hours.) The subcontractors range from medium-sized, relatively sophisticated firms to tiny family enterprises operating in garages and basements.
But we do use information that we learn from our inspections and from our conversations with the fums, and through research and other issues, to determine what our standards-setting agenda is going to be.