FUNAFormer Uganda National Army (rebel group)
FUNAFundación Nuestro Ambiente (Spanish: Our Environment Foundation; Argentina)
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Funa is the second Filipino to be installed in this leadership post by its 10 member-states, the IC's report to the Department of Finance (DOF) said.
Dominguez III, Funa said he was elected last June 28 as Asian Re's chairman, replacing Abdolnaser Hemmati, who had been appointed governor of the Central Bank of Iran.
Singapore Life was so far the only foreign insurer interested in doing business in the Philippines, according to Funa.
Funa issued the orders after financial technology firm Streetcorner E-Commerce Ltd.
Commissioner Funa also recognized that agricultural insurance is no longer a problem of the farmers only but a national issue that needs to be addressed.
Miranda was born in Santa Fe, Colon, a small GarAaAaAeA funa village locat near Trujillo on the north coast of Honduras.
According to L-3, Funa will have revenues of around USD60m (EUR46.3m) in the current year.
According to Funa, the fund deficiency is among the grounds for placing Loyola Plans under conservatorship.
Funa said the company has yet to submit its 2017 and 2018 Annual Financial Statements despite issuance of a show-cause order.
The deficiencies were found in Loyola's 2016 audited financial statement and, according to Funa, was 'one of the grounds for placing the company under conservatorship.'
On June 21, Insurance Commissioner Dennis Funa issued IC Circular Letter 2019-27, which qualifies REIT as admitted asset for insurance companies and mutual benefit associations (MBA), and allowable investment for pre-need companies.
IC Commissioner Dennis Funa said the TRAIN, which will increase the disposable income of Filipinos, would enable them to purchase insurance products, helping to make them more financially secure in the long term.