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FUNCINPECNational United Front for an Independent, Neutral, Peaceful, and Cooperative Cambodia
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Ranariddh said Funcinpec had put forward party member Nut Sokhom as their candidate for deputy president of the NEC and Sokheng, the head of the CNP, said his party had nominated Hak Vanthy.
The prince's party won about 8 percent of the votes cast in the commune-level elections, while FUNCINPEC, which was once the second largest party after the CPP, obtained 6 percent.
After FUNCINPEC ousted Ranariddh as its leader in October last year, the prince turned the property into the headquarters of a new party he founded.
The complaint was filed by Nhiek Bun Chhay, once a senior colleague of the prince and now secretary general of FUNCINPEC.
Expressing surprise over the arrest of Uk Sakhorn and Kheang Savorn, FUNCINPEC spokesman Nov Sovathero said the party is examining whether the generals may have been wrongly accused.
She had joined FUNCINPEC in 1995 and was minister of women's affairs from 1998 through 2003.
The prince said recently he did sell the property, but with the consent of FUNCINPEC members, and that money was used to build a new party headquarters.
Party President Pich Sros was instrumental in the dissolution of the CNRP as one of two parties - the other being the royalist Funcinpec party - to file complaints against the CNRP, leading to is ultimate disbanding.
According to campaign materials sent out to the media, FUNCINPEC pledges to "protect the monarchy regime, follow Sihanouk's style of leadership and lift the status of women and livelihood of the people.
In the 2nd commune council elections in 2007, the CPP won 1,592 commune chiefs among the country's 1,633 communes, following by the Sam Rainsy Party with 28 commune chief positions and the royalist Funcinpec Party with 2 communes.
Sam Rainsy, whose party formed the Alliance of Democrats with FUNCINPEC after they both suffered setbacks in the general election in July last year, dismissed the planned assembly meeting as ''a cold constitutional coup against the king of Cambodia.
Funcinpec -- helped greatly by its close family connection with the much-loved reinstated King Sihanouk -- won the 1993 UNTAC election with the most seats (58 out of 120).