FUNDAPAZFundación para el Desarrollo en Justicia y Paz
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As such, in order to access this available funding, Fundapaz finally created a "microcredit" program for the Wichi.
Community leaders tended to regard Fundapaz as both a patron and as a font of resources.
In the case of Fundapaz, the NGO itself was adept at appropriating the dominant discourse; as Marina Temudo noted in a study of an NGO in rural Guinea-Bisseau, NGO staff "quickly learned to master [not only] the crucial performance skills needed to have their project proposals approved [but also] a cliched language" (2005, p.
Fundapaz was established by a group of nuns (10) in 1973.
Promoting indigenous identity has been a long-standing issue for both OCLADE and Fundapaz, as it has for several other faith-based organizations active in the region (Carrasco, 2002).
Because both OCLADE and Fundapaz have a long history of involvement in the communities in which they work, they gained a high degree of local trust, particularly given the skepticism of many individuals in both communities towards external interventions, which had often proved detrimental.