FUNDESAFundación para el Desarrollo Socioeconómico del Alto Aragón (Portuguese: Foundation for Socioeconomic Development of Upper Aragon mountains)
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"Without talking with them," Blackwell states firmly, "it will be very difficult to lower the number of homicides in Guatemala," which he puts at twice the number cited by FUNDESA, a chilling 95 for every 100,000 inhabitants.
It would appear that FUNDESA was especially eager for the Washington World Group's consultants to "balance" the media's sympathy for Jennifer Harbury, the American woman who early this year staged hunger strikes in Guatemala and in the United States as a means of forcing the governments in both countries to reveal what they knew about the fate of her husband, Efrain Bamaca Velasquez, a guerrilla who disappeared in 1992 after having been captured by the Guatemalan army.
FINANCIAL PRESENT & FUTURE: From the Introduction of a Study by the Foundation for the Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA) (July 22, 2014).
According to FUNDESA, the top five links to Guatemala's growth are chronic malnutrition, governmental opacity, insecurity, impunity and lack of infrastructure;
An accomplished and innovative entrepreneur, Paiz has selflessly advocated for poverty reduction and the improvement of Guatemala's educational system, spearheading effective non-governmental initiatives for change such as Empresarios por la Educacion, Tecnologia Para Educar, FunSEPA, FUNDESA and others.
The funds will be managed by the Banco Ademi, the Dominican Assn for the Development of Women (Adopem), and the Development Fund (Fundesa).