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(2013) em castanhais no Amapa, Paiva, Quedes e Funi (2011) observaram que areas com longo e intenso historico de coleta seriam classificadas como areas sem exploracao, refutando a hipotese de que castanhais com longo historico de coleta intensiva nao apresentam recrutamento e estao fadados a desaparecer.
Mr Unsworth said "very active" communications between the 'Tarzan Funi' phone and a Croxton phone was "activity all directed to the events of that evening".
"(Funi) has just come out of her false pregnancy and this year, for the first time, he was responding to her change in hormones by displaying very dominant behaviors," she added.
McLelland said female panda Funi's hormones would be monitored to determine the best time for one or more artificial inseminations, which would be led by an expert from the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda in Wolong.
Ma ecco vi lamentate perche le nostre funi (per i vostri, i vostri bucati) vi intralciano, e ripartite a cercare nel cielo qualche angelella.
Giant pandas Wang Wang and Funi will provide a 600 million dollars (555 million U.S.
Two of the Giant Pandas, Wang Wang and Funi are being send to Adelaide in mid-October, who will spend their first 30 days in quarantine, before spending time getting used to their new home at Adelaide Zoo away from the public eye.
He believes in the oneness of body and mind, or shiki-shin funi, which he calls "one of the most compelling concepts in Buddhist healing.
Yet the work shown here from that time, even by painters such as Mario Sironi and Achille Funi, closely associated with Margherita Sarfatti and novecento, is private, often introspective and anything but totalitarian.
The overall theme of the institute that Glassman envisions is best expressed in the Japanese phrase ''gyogaku funi,'' which means ''practice and study are not two.''
In France you get a medal for itHe's from the land of Le Coq Sportif so no wonder Arsenal's Arsene Wenger says players can have funI could smell this defeat coming on Thursday and Friday.