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FUNKNational United Front of Kampuchea (Cambodia)
FUNKFor Using New Knowledge (George Clinton)
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The Sequence is seeking a jury trial and financial restitution because Uptown Funk has "significant and substantially similar compositional elements" of Funk You Up.
When Craig Charles asked his BBC Radio 6 Music listeners to vote for their Fantasy Funk Band, John Turrell was named as the best male funk vocalist.
Josh Funk is a multi-talented, self-taught, and independent director and artist hailing from the city of Chico in the depths of Northern California.
Kosmic Mother Funk originated as a Belgian ale that was aged in the Boston Brewery in Hungarian oak tuns, developing what the brewers called "a kosmic collection of flavors.
That loan has also been defaulted on with Funk owing $237,505 in principal and $16,764 in interest, as well as $1,887 in late fees.
The name Yaaba Funk comes from an album called Yaba Funk Roots, the only album ever released outside of Africa by Captain Yaba, a musician from northern Ghana and exponent of the two-string 'guitar' called the koliko.
I'm really not surprised that Rob Robinson and Bill Funk have entered the market again," says Ruehle.
We want to bring real jazz, funk and soul to Birmingham, and the acts are picked on that basis.
He'll be followed by a DJ set from former Red Dwarf and Coronation Street actor and DJ of the BBC Radio 6 Funk and Soul Show Craig Charles.
In 1982, DJ and soul and jazz dancer John Davies started a local jazz funk and soul tribe called Tyne Tees Funk Nation.
But Funk works at only one of them: bell+funk, the marketing and design firm he formed in September 2009 with Jennifer Bell.
Funk K quickly assists his team in establishing the vital signs of an improvised explosive d e vice victim.