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The confluent monolayer of PC12 cells were preloaded with Fura 2-AM (5 [micro]M) for 30 min at room temperature in the dark.
Virtuoso climax of the film is the intricate, faithful staging, in moving tableaux, of all 17 engravings from the 1810 work "Disasters of War" by Catalan-based "action-theater" group La Fura dels Baus.
No matter what you think of its conception of Les Troyens, La Fura needs no additional scenic assistance.
MIKI ESPUMA, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, LA FURA DELS BAUS, SPAIN: "The relations and interchange of ideas between a Kurdish director and a programmer from Qatar, a Belgian actor and a professor from a university in Denver, Colo.
Yes Fura, running around the big kennel in the sky, you may not have lived long, but you might just have changed a few things down here.
Push was asked to DJ at some of the best venues in the world, like Gatecrasher and Godskitchen in the UK, Fura and Vel Farre in Japan, Dance Valley and Trance Energy in Holland, Webster Hall and Spundae in the US and had a residency at The Gallery in London.
The inhabitants of the border village of Debalde will not let their land in the Kodra Fura region be given away to the Macedonian Government.
Included in the programme will be a UK exclusive: a show by top European performance group La Fura dels Baus from a ship moored at Spiller's Quay, and international performers from all genres at The Sage Gateshead.
Con una intencion de provocar al publico, el grupo catalan La Fura del Baus llego la semana pasada al Museo del Chopo para presentar una "accion colectiva", Obit (que significa muerte), en la que lo teatral consiste en aquel ritual que reune a publico y actores, en este caso animadores, para tener una experiencia viva.
Also expected are Catalan street-theatre groups like La Fura dels Baus and Els Comediants.
La Cubana is one prominent company, as well as performance groups the Comediants and the outre Fura dels Baus.