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FURLFrame Uniform Resource Locator
FURLFile for Url
FURLFile Uniform Resource Locators (website)
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The most private lives of the most interesting people lay furled in yellow bundles of close- written manuscript.
"Surely this ship would have furled all her lower canvas and reefed her topsails if she found herself on a lee shore with the wind on her quarter."
So the pretty china was repacked, Rose furled her fan, and with several parcels of choice teas for the old ladies stowed away in Dr.
Crisparkle sat down by the china shepherdess; Edwin Drood gallantly furled and unfurled Miss Twinkleton's fan; and that lady passively claimed that sort of exhibitor's proprietorship in the accomplishment on view, which Mr.
At these words, Barnaby furled his flag, and tied it round the pole.
However, this work demonstrates that the company we keep has an effect on how attractive we appear to others," Furl said.
Caption: The cutlery collection from Furl will include two knife ranges.
In 1987, Congress selected Yucca Mountain in Nevada to become a national repository for spent nuclear furl. Decades of study, controversy and opposition culminated in the Obama administration's termination of the project in January.
The last stanza reads: Furl that Banner, softly, slowly!
It provides simultaneous on-site generation of heat and electricity from a single furl source at up to 92% energy-efficiency rates.
Patent # 524702 for a furl explanation of the action sequence.) Continued short stroking of the rifle can damage the lever, the linkage between the lever an d locking bolt, the locking bolt, the bolt, and even the bolt ways in the receiver.