FURTFarin Urlaub Racing Team
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Our guides performed their office very ill, being influenced, as we imagined, by the Chec Furt, an officer, whom, though unwilling, we were forced to take with us.
Having travelled some days, we were met by the King's brother, to whom, by the advice of Chec Furt, whose intent in following us was to squeeze all he could from us; we presented some pieces of Chinese workmanship, such as cases of boxes, a standish, and some earthenware, together with several pieces of painted calico, which were so much more agreeable, that he desired some other pieces instead of our Chinese curiosities; we willingly made the exchange.
The Chec Furt, who was extremely ready to undertake any commission of this kind, would needs direct us in the affair, and told us that our gifts ought to be of greater value, because we had neglected making any such offer at our first audience, contrary to the custom of that country.
(11) These poems, occupying the final third of Furt's edition, are seen as a unified entity and labelled "Las soledades de Maria" in Rojas and "Corona lirica de espinas" in Martinez Paz/Cabrera.
tball that the omther The incentive for families to co plete the course together is furt boosted with the Foundation offer the children and their parents a cha to see their Toon heroes in action, w complimentary tickets to a home ga at St James' Park.
Each of the executions uses the line: "Go beyond borders, wherever you are." Posters will form the backbone of the cam- paign, running across airports in Abu Dhabi, London, Frank- furt, Paris, Stockholm and Jo-hannesburg.
Catherine Fairhurst, a tax partner at accountants Er nst &You ng inLiverpool,welcomedthe move butsaid theChancellorcouldhavegoneeven furt her.
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Saif-ud-Din Soz, in-charge of the Congress in J&K, has reportedly set his eyes on Omar's chair, complicating the situation furt
I am sure he will stay furt h e r w h e n h e strengthens up."
The piece will be played at Bates's Mill by the London Sinfonietta and fORCH, which was formed four years ago around the electro-acoustic duo FURT which comprises Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer.