FUSDFlagstaff Unified School District (Flagstaff, AZ, USA)
FUSDFresno Unified School District
FUSDFremont Unified School District (Fremont, CA, USA)
FUSDFontana Unified School District (Fontana, CA, USA)
FUSDFirst Unitarian Society of Denver (Denver, CO)
FUSDFirst Unit Start Date (production scheduling)
FUSDFamily Unity for Sustainable Development (Nigeria)
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All 15 isolates screened were negative for the other antibiotic resistance genes, which correlated well with their susceptibility phenotypes: vancomycin (vanA and vanB genes), mupirocin (mupA, ileS), gentamicin (aac(6')-aph(2")), linezolid (cfr), tetracycline (tetA, tetB), and fusidic acid fusB, fusC, fusD).
After the FUS and its paper dissolved in 1912, the in-fighting at the FUSD continued.
In 2013, the GESF gave money to every Fremont elementary school, $1,500 to each of the junior high schools and 43 grants to athletes and cheerleaders from all five FUSD high schools.
In the FusD time, fusion steps of TAG algorithm are used to do fusion process from the bottom node to the top node based on the data fusion tree set up in the first step, and data fusion result will be obtained at QoS at last.
FUSD, which states "We take pride in our diversity, in our community, and in our schools", has approximately 32,000 students.
Yokomi graduates are particularly well prepared to enroll in the science/medical middle and high school choices that FUSD offers, such as Fort Miller Medical Careers Academy, Sequoia Middle, Duncan Polytechnical High School, and the Sunnyside High School Doctors' Academy (see Innovator, July 18, 2005).
The homes of many at-risk children are able to offer little support: nearly 17% of children born in Fresno County are born to a teenager; 38% of all live births are to unmarried mothers; some 60% of children in FUSD come from homes in which only one parent is literate.
These new Women's Sections drew on pre-World War I political traditions of the FUSD, which had offered some Ukrainian women socialists a forum for activism (29) they were also the product of Comintern directives to more effectively mobilize working-class women.
It presents field research on statewide policies and practices with respect to Title I in California, as well as district and school implementation in the Fresno Unified School District (FUSD), which has high levels of concentrated poverty and large numbers of English language learners (ELLs).