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So we bit the detonator down for him, shoved in a fuse, and picked him a good fire-stick, while he jolted up with a couple more stiff ones of gin.
I used only a third of a stick-- you know, short fuse, with the end split so as to hold the head of a safety match.
We had commenced to think that the fuse had been put out while the piece was rolling down the stairway, or that the Mahars had guessed its purpose and ex-tinguished it themselves, when the ground about the entrance rose suddenly into the air, to be followed by a terrific explosion and a burst of smoke and flame that shot high in company with dirt, stone, and fragments of cannon.
Fuse blown out?" he asked, spitting imaginary rain out of his mouth.
And if you're right careful to see that the tool-boxes the boys leave are all locked--so's no powder can catch, you know--and always start lighting against the air, so that if there's gas and it catches the fire'll blow away from you instead of following you up--and if you examine the fuses to see they're long enough and the powder is tamped in just right--each miner does that before he leaves and lots of firers just give 'em a hasty once-over instead of a real look--and then shake your heels good and fast after you do fire--"
If you light a fuse and connect it with a heap of dynamite, the explosion of the dynamite may be spoken of, in a sense, as a delayed response to your lighting of the fuse.
Consequently, they do not dig graves, they blast them out with power and fuse. They cannot afford to have large graveyards, the grass skin is too circumscribed and too valuable.
I know now that he must have split the ends of the fuses and stuck in match heads, because they lighted so quickly.
For the drawer was filled with a heterogeneous mess of dynamite sticks, boxes of fulminating caps, coils of fuses, lead sinkers, iron tools, and many boxes of rifle, revolver and pistol cartridges.
Parent company Fuse Media on April 23 announced that Fuse and its wholly owned subsidiaries have initiated a voluntary, pre-packaged Chapter 11 financial restructuring.
During separate actions, three culprits Muhammad Tayyeb s/o Naik Muhammad, Bakhtiar s/o Sarbali and Bakhti Rehman were arrested after recovery of explosives, hundreds of detonators, safety fuses and 1350 metre safety fuse wire and impounded three vehicles including a car bearing registration number KK-499, Datsun C-5611 and another vehicle.
Rejection base fuses are relatively modern innovations.