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FUTFollowup-To (newsgroups)
FUTFollicular Unit Transplant
FUTFiber Under Test
FUTFlexible Utility Truck
FUTFederal Unemployment Tax
FUTFunctional Unit Test
FUTFilter-und Trocknertechnik (German: Filtering and Drying Technology)
FUTFixed Umbilical Tower
FUTFriendly User Trials
FUTFleet Utility (US Navy)
FUTForschung und Technik (German: Research and Technology)
FUTFaceless Ugly Teddy (cartoon character)
FUTFacilities Utilities Team
FUTFuel Usage Takeback
FUTFunctional User Training
FUTFIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) Ultimate Team (gaming)
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The variables that are highly correlated to the dependent variable, FUT, were entered into the regression model.
When one or more independent variables are excluded using a combination of NG, CPI, and FEDRATE to generate models to predict the FUT, the coefficient [beta] starts to decrease and its range becomes -0.
Jason hopes he won't need a third FUT, but if he does he can afford it as he's in line for a 30% pay rise.
Most doctors aren't willing to take the time or bear the expense to learn FUT, then invest in the equipment and staff to perform the procedure, Marritt said.
Physicians aren't motivated to switch to FUT because most patients aren't aware of the difference and are happy with the results of the quicker technique, Marritt said.
Posiblemente la razon por la que el proyecto busca la eliminacion del FUT es porque se observa en el un mecanismo de elusion tributaria que algunas personas aprovechan para "pasar" gastos personales como si fueran de la empresa.
seria correcto eliminar el FUT por el mal comportamiento de algunos?
Uno puede tener un sistema integrado con base devengado donde el FUT no existiria Y tambien se podria tener un sistema no integrado con base a retiros donde el FUT si existiria.
Conducted on the commercial network elements, the FUT was completed using the Huawei Smartphone Ascend P7.
with Deep screening of Loop line at KOO, FUT, GZH and P1 & P2 total 7.