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FUWAFunctiewaarderingssysteem (Dutch)
FUWAFed Up with Acronyms
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Fuwa and coworkers [18,32] have earlier explored this elegant strategy for the preparation of functionalized heterocycles even by using the classical conditions [Pd[(P[Ph.sub.3]).sub.4] 10mol%, [Et.sub.3]N, DMF, 100[degrees]C, and sealed tube].
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Even with this being the case, Balisacan and Fuwa's (2005) research on household income in the Philippines also finds relatively low levels of spatial income inequality.
Arsenio Balisacan and Nobohiko Fuwa, in a 2003 study, explored the linkage between dynastic concentration and the standard of living in Philippine provinces between 1988 and 1997.
As Naoko Fuwa Thornton says, Virgie now understands that "in the heroic act the self and the other become one composite being of the two, that the true meaning of heroism is to absorb the other within the self" (108).
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