FVAFair Value Accounting
FVAForschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (German: Drive Technology Research Association; Frankfurt, Germany)
FVAFuture Value of an Annuity
FVAFunctional Vision Assessment
FVAFree Vietnam Alliance
FVAFamily Violence Act
FVAFlorida Vocal Association (Pompano Beach, FL)
FVAFlorida Volkssport Association
FVAFlorida Voices for Animals, Inc.
FVAFumarate Vinyl Acetate
FVAFinancial Viability Advisor (US government 'car czar')
FVAFlorida Vocational Association
FVAForward Velocity Adjuster (paintball)
FVAFountain View Academy
FVAFood Vulnerability Assessment (US Air Force)
FVAFractal Volume Antenna
FVAFlat-rate Value Adjustment
FVAFixed Value Attenuator
FVAFerrari Virtual Academy (computer simulation)
FVAForward Volatility Agreement (investing)
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High standards have been achieved in terms of food safety that provide adequate assurance for safe and quality products," informed FVA.
Na Tabela 1, esta exposta a composicao quimica do feno, FVA e concentrados enquanto na Tabela 2, encontra-se a proporcao dos ingredientes e a composicao quimica das dietas experimentais.
FVA is also one of few farms that ignores the price of coffee on the New York market and simply sets a price that will cover operations.
Ott, executive director of the FVA, notes that, "While some of the best-known, but often unrecognized uses of PVC include wire and cable jacketing, medical tubing, blood bags, roofing, flooring, and wall coverings, the material is suitable for an almost limitless range of products offering superior and proven performance characteristics, particularly in healthcare settings, that are essential to patient safety and survival, as we deal with pandemic containment and protecting the general population.
Last year and at the beginning of this year, FVA during few controls detected sellers of honey whose quality did not meet the rulebook.
FVA produces four kinds of coffee: Natural Dry is the most valuable, arguably among the best in the world.
FVA also provides information about plant-based diets as a way to improve health while helping animals and the environment.
Working through its broad base of members--including trade organizations, suppliers of raw materials, compounders, formulators, molders, and fabricators--the FVA will focus its resources on educating legislators, regulators, and key decision-makers on the business of flexible vinyl.
1 x maintenance and repair of LabrgerEnten for the FVA Freiburg.
With over 40 years of experience, Fujisoft can enhance mofiria's FVA solution with expert System Integration and Development know-how, while also expanding the availability of this technology globally leveraging our international network of offices.
FVA representative Timothy Castle, president of Castle Communications, and FVA director of marketing Atilio Cardinall on an independent U.
Through FVA analysis - a method that has been employed at major corporations, including Intel, AstraZeneca, Cisco, Yokohama Tire (Canada) and Tempur-Pedic - The Business Forecasting Deal shows how to identify the waste and inefficiencies in the typical forecasting process.