FVAFerrari Virtual Academy (computer simulation)
FVAFondation Vaudoise Contre l'Alcoolisme (Swiss alcohol foundation)
FVAFair Value Accounting
FVAFédération Voile-Aviron (French sailing federation)
FVAForschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (German: Drive Technology Research Association; Frankfurt, Germany)
FVAFuture Value of an Annuity
FVAForward Volatility Agreement (investing)
FVAFrais de Véhicule Adapté (French: Adapted Vehicle Expenses)
FVAFunctional Vision Assessment
FVAFree Vietnam Alliance
FVAFous du Volant Aussonnais (French badminton team)
FVAFibre Voice Access
FVAFamily Violence Act
FVAFlorida Vocal Association (Pompano Beach, FL)
FVAFrédéric Vacher Aluminium (French aluminum company)
FVAFous du Volant Ambrault (French badminton team)
FVAFlorida Volkssport Association
FVAFlorida Voices for Animals, Inc.
FVAFumarate Vinyl Acetate
FVAFinancial Viability Advisor (US government 'car czar')
FVAFlorida Vocational Association
FVAForward Velocity Adjuster (paintball)
FVAFranc-Valluet Avocats (French law firm)
FVAFormation à la Vie Associative (French: Life Training Association)
FVAFountain View Academy
FVAFractal Volume Antenna
FVAFood Vulnerability Assessment (US Air Force)
FVAFixed Value Attenuator
FVAFlat-rate Value Adjustment
FVAFormaliser Valoriser Anticiper (French: Formalize, Develop, Anticipate)
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FvA is a subclass of diverse compounds known as humic substances, which are by-products of organic degradation from microorganisms [4].
Coagulation factor V (FV) consists of 6 protein domains (A1, A2, B, A3, C1, and C2) assembled into a heavy chain (A1 and A2) and a light chain (A3, C1, and C2) joined together by a connecting region (B).24 Activation of FV to FVa requires cleavage of the B-domain.
In the case of the femur, the patient's distal femoral resection valgus angle (FVA) - enclosed by the distal femoral anatomical axis and the femoral mechanical axis - is conventionally measured on weightbearing long-leg radiographs.
For that purpose, we used a sensitivity analysis method known as flux variability analysis (FVA), which provides an estimate of the upper and lower bounds of each steady-state reaction flux vi in the cell (Orth et al., 2010).
Test setting Test component Description RoD Ring 34CrNiMo6 Disc Al-Sn sliding material Lubricant FVA 3 JBA Shaft 34CrNiMo6 Journal bearing Al-Sn sliding material Lubricant Shell Rimula 10 W TABLE 2: EDX analysis corresponding to Figure 13 (EDX values obtained at 7.5 kV and given in at%).
Any "anti-government" post will be immediately removed and you'll be booked under Facebook Violation Act - FVA," Masoodi wrote on his timeline.
The decline in revenue was led by a steep 16% yoy drop in corporate and institutional banking (CIB; excluding funding valuation adjustments, FVA).
For the graduate class (so far we have only had Eye Anatomy, though I plan to use the clips in other classes as well) the clips were helpful in watching pieces of an FVA [functional vision assessment] and providing students with examples of how the direct assessment of functional vision can occur.
El Valor Agregado Foraneo (FVA, por sus siglas en ingles) en las exportaciones brutas refleja el valor agregado total creado en otros paises que se anade al valor de las exportaciones de un pais.
Finalmente, en la via comun, convergen las dos vias antes mencionadas, a nivel del FXa que conforma junto con el FVa, la protrombina, iones de [Ca.sup.++] y fosfolipidos, el complejo "Protrombinasa", encargado de generar trombina, la cual actua sobre el fibrinogeno transformandolo en monomeros de fibrina que se polimerizan y se estabilizan por accion del FXIIIa, formando junto con los elementos formes de la sangre, el tapon hemostatico o coagulo (Fig.