FVAFair Value Accounting
FVAForschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (German: Drive Technology Research Association; Frankfurt, Germany)
FVAFuture Value of an Annuity
FVAFunctional Vision Assessment
FVAFree Vietnam Alliance
FVAFamily Violence Act
FVAFlorida Vocal Association (Pompano Beach, FL)
FVAFlorida Volkssport Association
FVAFlorida Voices for Animals, Inc.
FVAFumarate Vinyl Acetate
FVAFinancial Viability Advisor (US government 'car czar')
FVAFlorida Vocational Association
FVAForward Velocity Adjuster (paintball)
FVAFountain View Academy
FVAFood Vulnerability Assessment (US Air Force)
FVAFractal Volume Antenna
FVAFlat-rate Value Adjustment
FVAFixed Value Attenuator
FVAFerrari Virtual Academy (computer simulation)
FVAForward Volatility Agreement (investing)
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For conventional TKA, distal femur resection that relies on intramedullary guidance and sets the distal femoral resection angle according to the patient's FVA could significantly improve postoperative femoral component alignment.
File S9 (1) shows the upper and lower bounds obtained by FVA for each perturbed reaction in our example for statins.
El valor razonable, excluyendo FVA fue valorado en 500 millones como perdida no realizada desde la perspectiva de ABC (es decir, el derivado fue reconocido en el balance de ABC como pasivo).
In addition to the FVA and FVOD scales, the SASSI-3 has eight other scales that use the 67 true-or-false questions from Side 1: (a) SYM, (b) OAT, (c) SAT, (d) DEF, (e) SAM, (f) FAM, (g) COR, and (h) Random Answering Pattern (RAP).
As discussed earlier, FVA may have played a decisive role in exacerbating the initial effects of the financial crisis, even though it was instituted to prevent the public from being exploited by financial intermediaries with access to backstop public funding and insurance.
High standards have been achieved in terms of food safety that provide adequate assurance for safe and quality products," informed FVA.
The FVA is then applied to provide the total thermal spectrum of the candidate chromosomes for the designed motors.
A dieta contendo FVA apresentou maiores CDA dos nutrientes avaliados quando comparada a dieta contendo FS, com excecao da digestibilidade da PB, que foi superior na de origem vegetal (Tabela 3).
Rajgopal (2010) conduct a comprehensive analysis of the impact of FVA deliberations on stock prices.
Through the use of FVA, the steps to develop the demand plan are carefully examined to understand if the process is improving or degrading the forecast.
The registration statement has been filed by FVA Ventures, Inc.
HOLMES RUN FOR TALENTED VANCE FOY VANCE FVA David Holmes and Foy Vance working together on the one album.