FVALFrame Valid
FVALFountain Valley Analytical Laboratory, Inc. (Westminster, MD)
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UseVal ([alpha]) = FVal (FTI[Dom.sub.i] ([alpha])) (i [member of] [N.sup.+]) (2)
Val (SIDom ([alpha])) = FVal (FTI[Dom.sub.i] ([alpha])) (i [member of] [N.sup.+]) (3)
Combining CBU and UAD, IDM can ensure that all FVal (FTI[Dom.sub.i] (a)) (i [member of] [N.sup.+]) come from valid assignment statements of the target program and that UseVal (a) is always equal to the FVal (FTI[Dom.sub.i] (a))(i [member of] [N.sup.+]) during the runtime, which can stop all invalid values from being used by the program and defend against all non-control-data attacks.
Appendix Table 2: Summary of Statistics (firm value and capital structure analysis) 2002-11 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 FVAL Mean 1.240 0.974 1.124 1.099 1.335 1.474 Median 1.008 0.885 0.992 0.964 0.823 1.171 Std.
Table 7:Result of Correlation Matrix (capital structure and firm value analysis) FVAL RVAL SGRO SZAT DRAT FVAL 1.000000 RVAL 0.041882 1.000000 SGRO 0.017719 0.005021 1.000000 SZAT -0.121003 0.072623 0.019356 1.000000 DRAT 0.834897 -0.023679 -0.000597 -0.080281 1.000000 Note: FVAL= firm value, RVAL= risk value, SGRO= sales growth, SZAT= size of asset, DRAT= debt ratio.
[scresult, fval ]=getmax( tempmax, [plarray; - plarray ], [tlvm, rratio* tlvm] ) 8.
* ARCINT Subroutine called by FVAL to compute an interpolated value and gradient at a point on a triangulation arc.
* FVAL Subroutine called by INTRC1 to evaluate a surface under tension at a point in a triangle.
HVAL Subroutine called by FVAL for univariate Hermite interpolation on geodesics interior to a triangle.