FVASFraser Valley Astronomers Society
FVASFederation of Visual Artists in Suriname
FVASForest View Alternative School (Arlington Heights, IL)
FVASFresh Fruit and Vegetable Shipments (USDA)
FVASFellow of the Victorian Artists Society (Australia)
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Arfan Yousaf, Dean FVAS and his team for conducting the informative workshop.
We also thank the National Forest Centre for providing GIS data on FVAs. Special thanks to Dr.
However, traditionally in Slovakia, the quality of hunting grounds reflecting forage potential for red deer is indexed solely according to the forest vegetation association (hereafter FVA; Zlatnik 1959) and adjusted by the extent of surrounding pastures (Sebeii et al.
We aimed to investigate the effect of femoral lateral bowing and rotation on the radiographic measurements of distal femoral condyle resection thickness (DRT) and the distal femoral resection valgus angle (FVA).
In the case of the femur, the patient's distal femoral resection valgus angle (FVA) - enclosed by the distal femoral anatomical axis and the femoral mechanical axis - is conventionally measured on weightbearing long-leg radiographs.
FVAS services a large geographical area of east-central Alberta and, while this may appear to be a clear disincentive to men who must drive for an hour or two once a week, it is possible that their resource commitment may make them more likely to continue.
Neither FVAS group is intentionally confrontational (see Murphy & Baxter, 1997).
Fulvic acid (FvA) is a publically available NHP that combines those two facts and may provide promising outcomes for chronic inflammatory diseases.