FVBFederatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen (Dutch therapy organization)
FVBFuture Villain Band
FVBFirst Virginia Bank
FVBFjärrVärmeByrån (Swedish district heating consultant bureau)
FVBFox Valley Blues (Umpire Association)
FVBFleet Viability Board (US Air Force)
FVBFuzzy Vampire Bunnies (gaming clan)
FVBFriend Virus B-Type (mouse)
FVBFous du Volant Bayeux (French badminton team)
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Leading renewable energy consultancy and service provider, Natural Power, and Swedish district energy consultant and design engineering expert, FVB, have formed a strategic partnership to further the advancement of district heating projects in the UK and Ireland.
The FVB is a complementary degree to the federal VET diploma, and FVB holders are granted access--without having to take an entrance exam--to a university of applied sciences, where they can earn a bachelor's degree and continue with a master's degree afterward.
The generated Tg mice harbored a wild-type FVB background and bred with FVB/PrP null mice (23) to obtain Tg mice in mouse PrP null FVB background.
Donkor et al., "Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in mammary tumor progression in FVB Neu transgenic mice," Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, vol.
WT and PKC[epsilon] TG 224 and 215 mice lines (FVB background) described elsewhere [9,10] were housed in groups of two to three in plastic bottom cages in light-, humidity-, and temperature-controlled rooms; food and water were available ad libitum.
Join in with some -at Fvb org.uk (3) A new Christmas market will add to the festive cheer in Hastings.
Baker & McKenzie Ltd acted as lender's legal counsel, CJR Consulting Ltd as the borrower's counsel and FVB Energy as the technical consultant.
To surpass these limitations, light microscopy-based experimental approaches have been developed in our laboratory to monitor endplates of transgenic mice bearing SCS mutations with respect to WT FVB mice.