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FVCForced Vital Capacity (lung function test)
FVCFIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Vex Challenge
FVCFlux Vector Control (various companies)
FVCFrequency-to-Voltage Converter (electrical engineering)
FVCFuture Venture Capital (Japan)
FVCFingerprint Verification Competition (software assessment)
FVCFirst Virtual Communications (Glowpoint)
FVCFamily Violence Center (Springfield, MO)
FVCFilm and Video Center (various organizations)
FVCFurniture Value Chain (Center for International Forestry Research)
FVCForged Vessel Connections (various locations)
FVCFirst Virtual Corporation (now FVC.COM)
FVCForward Voice Channel (Cellular Term)
FVCFinancial Value Chain
FVCFord Volunteer Corps
FVCFinancial Vehicle Corporation
FVCFractures Vertébrales par Compression (French: Vertebral Compression Fractures)
FVCForce Validation Committee
FVCFiltered Vented Containment
FVCFamily Voices Calgary
FVCFrozen Vegetable Council (Burlingame, CA)
FVCField Video Component
FVCFlavio Vieira Costa - Siemens
FVCFully Vested Contribution (retirement plan)
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Based in Dubai, Ahuja will play a pivotal role in driving FVC's growth via increased partner engagement and providing market-leading end-to-end solutions that deliver optimum, cost-efficient performance for FVC clients.
Burlington Central High School makes total sense to be an FVC school based on location and the pace at which they are growing, which only makes the conference stronger.
ARGPI will have the option to convert the CLNs into ordinary shares of FVC at USD 0.
Respiratory parameters such as FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, and PEFR are found to be significantly lower in female participants in comparison to male participants as shown in Table 1.
For discussion, we focus only on the multiple regression model to predict FVC against given age, height and weight.
1]/FVC [greater than or equal to] <70% (n=466) p 70% (n=644) FVC (mL) 3024[+ or -]1170 2719[+ or -]969 <0.
The differences in the EMG changes in RA between patients with and without FVC ≥80% were analyzed.
Parag added FVC will market all enterprise solutions from
In the present study, FVC was not found to be significantly different between both the groups.
To correlate glycaemic index of Diabetes with PFT parameters FVC, FEV1, FEV1 /FVC%, FEF 25-75 and PEFR.
This study was quasi-experimental with control and experimental groups and taking FVC test before starting exercise program and after 6th, 8th and 12th weeks of exercise plan.