FVC%Forced Percentual Vital Capacity
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Our results showed no significant differences in the mean values for FVC% predicted, [FEV.sub.1]% predicted, [FEV.sub.1]/FVC ratio, PEF, and mean age among the BMI categories [Table 2].
Our data analyses on the mean values of PFT parameters between genders revealed significant gender differences for FVC% predicted, [FEV.sub.1]% predicted, and PEF despite no difference in their BMI.
In our study, respiratory parameters such as FVC%, MVV, and PEFR values were reduced significantly in overweight and obese groups.
The results shown that there is reduction in FVC%, PEFR, and MVV values and FEV1% and FEV1/FVC% ratio are increased in overweight and obese individuals as compared to non-obese individuals who are consistent with restrictive lung disease.
We conclude that flour dust causes significant decrease in lung function parameters such as FEV1, FVC, PEF, FEF (25%-75%), FVC%, and FEV1/FVC.