FVCOMFinite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model
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This work uses the FVCOM model-predicted database created by Dr.
An unstructured-grid, finite-volume coastal ocean model (FVCOM) system.
FVCOM is an unstructuredgrid, finite-volume, free-surface, and three-dimensional primitive equations ocean model developed originally by Chen et al.
To understand how FVCOM differs from standard models requires complex physics and mathematics that may be simplified to this: Most models divide the ocean into a rigid horizontal grid of squares and then calculate changes among the squares in surface elevation, currents, temperature, salinity, density, and other properties driven by surface forces (such as wind) and by the horizontal transfer of mass, momentum, and energy.
In addition, FVCOM's grid of triangles offers more nuanced views near shore, because they can be fitted more precisely into the irregular shape of coastlines and seafloor--such as those of northeastern Japan.
Mean daily FVCOM bottom temperature estimates from 2000 to 2009 are warmer at CAI than at CAII for July through October (Fig.
This work uses the Gulf of Maine FVCOM model-predicted database created by Dr.