FVDRCFruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation
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The FVDRC welcomes the inclusion of principles to guide how practitioners should respond to family violence victims and perpetrators.
In its Fourth Annual Report, published in 2014, the FVDRC identified the current system as being largely reliant on family violence non-government organisations ensuring their service is safe.
In its Fourth Report, the FVDRC also called for an amendment to the Crimes Act 1961 to include non-fatal strangulation as its own crime.
The FVDRC also recommended that family violence offences be flagged within the criminal justice system, and that criminal judges be provided with comprehensive family violence information to aid safe and robust decision-making.
The FVDRC believes the changes will also make it easier to apply for a protection order and provide additional protection after a separation.
Recommendations in the FVDRCs fifth report that are important for the ISR model, include ensuring practitioners: