FVEYFive Eyes (international intelligence sharing network)
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VIGILANT PACIFIC 2014 also showcased a significant step forward in FVEY intelligence sharing by unveiling the first-of- its-kind Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) FVEY Intelligence Fusion Server (IFS).
Although enhancing interoperability through doctrinal refinement and information technology integration was the focus of the FTX and DCGS-A demonstration, the exercise also encompassed many other activities that further solidified the bonds amongst the FVEY partners.
The ceremony reminded the partners of the history of shared service and sacrifice made together by the FVEY partners in conflicts over the past century.
4) Through the activities associated with VIGILANT PACIFIC, the FVEY partners built valuable personal connections and a fostered a sense of shared history and destiny, strengthening our willingness and ability to work together in multinational operations.