FVFGFree Vascularized Fibular Graft
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None of the diaphyseal FVFG transfers had defects at the graft site; however, all 4/4 of the epiphyseal transfers had peroneal nerve defects making it the most common complication overall (36%).
Patients receiving a FVFG without transfer of the proximal fibular epiphysis had an average annual growth of-3.7 mm.
There has been a paucity of literature describing the outcomes of FVFG in the pediatric upper extremity.
Like all reconstruction of large skeletal defects, FVFG has a high complication rate.
Patients were instructed to avoid bearing weight on the leg that received the FVFG for three months, followed by gradually increased weight bearing to full weight bearing over the following three months.
reviewed 81 hips that received FVFG, with a mean follow-up period of 5.2 years and found that 71% had radiological improvement [17].
In this study, we evaluate the effect of postoperative maintenance doses of corticosteroids on FVFG outcomes.
Second, FVFG has an excellent ability to promote new bone regeneration and revascularization to an extent that exceeds the harmful effects oflow-dose corticosteroids.
Using FVFG contacts, a wide range of government agencies, key sector groups and service providers within each community were invited to attend the workshops (7) (Caton 2001).
In addition, MSD ensured that the FVFG and FVAC were regularly updated on progress.
At the end of the information-gathering phase, a core team, representing the FVFG and FVAC, analysed and reconciled the information that was gathered and established a vision, key goals and objectives, and a preliminary plan of action.
The Government then tasked the FVFG to use the plan of action to develop a five-year implementation strategy for the Government to consider.