FVIFrance Vétérinaire International (French: France International Veterinary)
FVIFamily Violence Initiative
FVIFondo de Valores Inmobiliarios (South America)
FVIFichier des Victimes Indemnisées (French: File Victims Indemnified)
FVIFrance Volet Intex (French finance company)
FVIForage Value Index (agriculture)
FVIFilm Ventures International (production company)
FVIForce de Vente Informatique (French: Computing Sales Force)
FVIFirst Voice International (Silver Spring, MD)
FVIFlexible Volatility Index (fuel quality)
FVIFinal Visual Inspection (manufacturing; various companies)
FVIFruta Vida International (est. 2004; Alabama)
FVIFemmes Et Villes International (French: Women in Cities International)
FVIForeign Vessel Inspection
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microlepis (rhm), inclusive in hydrodynamics areas, explains their slight association with FVI attribute, since a ventral flattening could help these species maintain their position at the water column without great swimming effort (Cunico and Agostinho, 2006; Pagotto et al.
The UK FVI is forecast to fall rapidly to 43 by Q3 2014.
Several researchers (Greenlee & Trussel, 2000; Hager, 2001; Trussel, 2002; Tuckman & Chang, 1991) compiled extensive data on the statistical significance of the FVI to predict the solvency of the nonprofit organization.
The FVI is calculated by counting the number of experts who correctly assigned the item to the factor and dividing that number by the total number of experts (Figure 4).
The FVI is a composite measure of financial vulnerability that integrates the other ratios using logistical regression analysis.
Although the DHB was unsuccessful in becoming part of the MoH's pilot FVI co-ordinating programme in 2004, a full-time co-ordinating position was established, with two nurses working half time in the partner and child abuse roles.
Se dice que el FVI copia la estrategia de crecimiento de IRSA: alquilar los edificios y luego invertir en tierras con fines agricolas.
TSX: FVI ) ( Lima Stock Exchange: FVI), a silver and base metal producer focused on mining opportunities in Latin America, has announced that it has started operations at the processing plant of its 100 percent owned San Jose silver-gold mine.