FVMFinite Volume Method
FVMFédération des Villes Moyennes (French: Federation of Medium-Sized Cities)
FVMFaculty of Veterinary Medicine (ChiangMai University; China)
FVMFestival des Vidéastes du Manitoba (French: Videographers Festival of Manitoba; Manitoba, Canada)
FVMFiduciaire du Val de Marne (French: Trustee of the Val de Marne; Val de Marne, France)
FVMFranciscan Volunteer Ministry (Christianity)
FVMFall Vision Meeting (Optical Society of America)
FVMForth Virtual Machine
FVMForward Visibility More Than ____ (Miles)
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Villous stromal-vascular karyorrhexis, previously described as hemorrhagic endovasculitis, is another manifestation of FVM.
SAM, FVM and Alfisa are experts in the high pressure diecasting market in the mid-range to mid-large press sizes where we intend to grow and leverage our respective strengths.
By introducing a turbulence model in to the LBM, significantly more complex physics emerges from the RNG k-epsilon equations compared to their more usual application in FVM where it is introduced through eddy viscosity in the Navier-Stokes equations [30].
In order to solve the problem described by Equation 1, the FVM is employed by using an explicit scheme and the central differences interpolation function (Maliska, 2004).
The results highlighted that the FVM model is a suitable method to study the interaction between atmosphere and urban areas.
The governing equations are discretized using a FVM, using a SIMPLE-based procedure, as presented in Goncalves et al.
FVM allows control of the body is inconsistent with the lattice, bringing flexibility to define the discrete flow.
The location of this FVM was selected to leverage existing cell culture, media and purification preparation functions, as well as its proximity to the conventional cell culture and solution preparation areas.
Look for weaknesses in FVM hierarchy disclosure testing.
23] solve the diffusion convection equation by using the FVM and the Hermitian (Symmetric) and the Unsymmetric interpolation schemes.
He has researched a wide range of CFD topics such as spectral, FVM, LBM, LES, DNS and MD.