FVNFußballverband Niederrhein eV (German football federation)
FVNFuture Value in N Years (corporate finance)
FVNFamily Vacation Network (Westgate Resorts)
FVNFamily Voices Network (Erie County, NY)
FVNFortis Verzekeringen Nederland (Dutch: Fortis Insurance Netherlands; Utrecht, Netherlands)
FVNFree VoIP Network
FVNFondo Vial Nacional (Spanish: National Road Fund; Colombia)
FVNField Video Network
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By partnering with FVN Alliance, PortaOne is able to add this powerful capability to one of the best VoIP-based PBX platforms available," said Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne.
Connecting the FVN concept to a Web-based branch exchange creates a structured solution that will benefit virtually any enterprise on the move," said Valery Donchenko, president of FVN Alliance, Inc.
FVN Alliance's universal personal phone number technology spans all real and virtual networks.
Enterprises with multiple points of presence in a single region can order FVN with Direct Inward Dialing (DID), enabling all calls to be funneled into one office.
As an addition to PBXpress, the FVN network enhances other features of the IP branch exchange product including call recording, auto-detection and auto-provisioning of IP phones, auto-attendant, operator console, clustering, Web administration and self-care.