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FVOFederal Veterinary Office (Switzerland)
FVOFood and Veterinary Office (EU)
FVOFair Value Option (finance)
FVOFamily Violence Option (various locations)
FVOFederatie van Ouderverenigingen (Dutch parent federation)
FVOFarm Verified Organic (food certification by International Certification Services, Inc.)
FVOFebruary's Very Own
FVOFoyer de Vie Occupationnel (French: Home Occupational Life)
FVOForth Valley Orienteers (Scotland)
FVOFemale Voice Over
FVOField Veterinary Officer
FVOField Verification Operation
FVOFix Validation Operator
FVOFluid Volume Overload (medical)
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The veteran men's race featured a strong FVO presence and there were gold medals for Jason Inman (M45) and Ben Stansfield (M50) behind M40 winner Ray Ward (INT).
The FVO for financial liabilities permits a reporting entity to mea-sure eligible liabilities at fair value.
414) The deficiency of waivers, compared to the significant numbers of domestic violence victims who utilize welfare, suggests the FVO has not fulfilled its mission of assisting domestic violence victims.
In addition to the dynamics surrounding disclosure for women experiencing abuse, theories regarding low rates of FVO waiver referrals point to the potential role played by frontline workers charged with implementation of the policy.
Also known as the FVO standard, public feedback on FAS 159 so far reflects much debate on the standard's intended benefits and potential for abuse during transition, and some general concern about the outside auditors' ability to audit the implementation, specifically, the reasonableness of the inputs used by the audit clients in arriving at the fair value measurements.
Phase 1 addresses creating an FVO for financial assets and financial liabilities; and
However, the Family Violence Option (FVO) requires states that adopt the FVO to screen TANF clients for domestic violence and grant waivers from program requirements for clients in domestic violence situations.
However, welfare recipients may not be willing to admit the abuse to their caseworker and they may not know about the FVO or similar state policies.
Para los experimentos aqui descritos se utilizo la cepa FVO de P.
The mixture of DGEBF epoxy and FVO was processed with an anhydride curing agent, methyltetrahy-drophthalic anhydride (MTHPA, Aradur[TM] HY 917, Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc.
Where there are specific problems to address, the FVO will inspect these situations in addition to the general audit as is currently the practice.
Solicitor Patrick Madigan wrote to the head of the Commission's FVO in Dublin to point out that the site it is built on land zoned for use as farmland and that it does not comply with existing Irish planning regulations and relevant EU Directives.