FWACCFederation of West African Chambers of Commerce
FWACCFixed Wireless Access Consultative Committee (UK)
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The relative proximity of the Quickie XTR suspension to 90[degrees] at impact may explain why it was the best overall wheelchair in terms of ACC and FWACC transmission for all curb descent heights.
The two wheelchairs with the lowest impact angles, the Quickie XTR and the A-6S, had the lowest ACC and FWACC, followed closely by the Boing
and the Barracuda reduced vibration transmission but failed to outperform the Top End Terminator Ti, which had lower ACC than the Barracuda and lower FWACC than both the Barracuda and the Boing
Considering these results, we should note that FWACC became more important in the assessment of wheelchair suspension as curb height increased.
At this angle, the elastomer-based suspensions were relatively ineffective at reducing accelerations, although they continued to provide reduction in FWACC.