FWAGFarmers and Wildlife Advisory Group (UK)
FWAGFreakin' Wild Ass Guess (polite form)
FWAGFarm Workers Action Group (Zimbabwe)
FWAGFamily Wealth Advisory Group, LLC (Cincinnati, OH)
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He said: "We have been working with a range of environmental bodies over the years, such as FWAG Cymru, and been involved in many environmental schemes.
Phil Lyth, farm conservation adviser with FWAG in Yorkshire, said: "The quality of entrants continues to be high, with the work undertaken on farms reflecting the broad range of environmental priorities, from wildlife and landscape protection to natural resource protection and renewable energy.
I believe that with the changes in agri-environmental schemes, there is a key role for FWAG to play.
Speaking at the launch venue, Ivor Beech's farm near Rhuddlan, he predicted that FWAG Cymru's services would be in demand as interest grew in Glastir, the new land management scheme.
Mr Hughes said: "The Rhug Estate has been fortunate to work with Glenda Thomas and the FWAG Cymru team for many years - initially with Tir Gofal, then Glastir and now also with the Nature Fund - where we have been guided, supported and inspired to be involved with new ways of managing land.
FWAG Cymru reached a significant milestone when hosting its first farmer event since its relaunch as an independent body.
Chris Seabridge, of Staffordshire FWAG, said: 'The Leedham family run Syerscote Manor as a profitable farm business but also manage it to a high environmental standard.
They were expected to discuss the work of FWAG, and how to bring about environmentally- responsible farming alongside successful commercial activity.
Also joining the FUW on the day will be FWAG director Dr Glenda Thomas (11am-12noon) and Farming Connect's Eryl P Roberts (1pm-3pm).
Before commencing work with the FUW Emyr dealt with agrienvironment schemes, nutrient management plans and Sites of Special Scientific Interest designations as part of his role with FWAG Cymru, covering north and mid Wales.
Profitable and thriving, with a loyal membership, FWAG Cymru had long been the cash cow of the UK-wide farm advisory service.