FWBRFriends with Benefits Relationship
FWBRFull-Wave Bridge Rectifier (electronics)
FWBRFrequency-Weighted Balanced Realization
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Another male described his FWBR experience as, "pretty much based around bonding.
Five participants (19%) described experiencing a sense of control in an FWBR as a positive.
A male, one of the only participants who had had open discussion with his FWBR partner before having sex, said it felt ".
At T2 and T3 participants reported the number of different FWBR partners since the last survey.
9%) reported a FWBR in the 12 months prior to the study.
We found that a lower percentage of men in stable committed relationships were in a FWBR during the semester, [chi square](l) = 31.
In one of the earliest studies concerning this type of relationship, respondents were asked open-ended questions about their communication with friends about their FWBR experiences, and their perceptions of their friends' reactions to said disclosure (Hughes, et al.
That is, one FWBR might be seen as acceptable, but simultaneous relationships or sexual partners might not.
7%) of participants in a FWBR reported they did not believe in the power of deep love compared to over 60% (62.
As might be expected, the older the student, the more likely the FWBR involvement with those 20 and older being more likely (p < .
Also, church attendance was inversely correlated with the likelihood of establishing a FWBR in the U.
These findings demonstrate that the majority of FWBR participants (i.