FWBTFor Whom the Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway book)
FWBTFive Wounds/Brookwood Terrace (neighborhood; San Jose, CA)
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The FWBT is engineered with a pressure sensitive adhesive that sticks to a wide variety of construction substrates, including damp surfaces, at both high and low temperatures.
FWBT is also supported by tested UL Systems available for a range of perimeter joints (curtain wall), construction joints, and through penetration openings.
Explicates EH's journalism and major works, including iot, IOT, SAR, FTA, FWBT, ARIT, and OMS, drawing on manuscripts, letters, and a wealth of criticism.
Note that Robert Jordan states exactly the same opinion of Karkov (FWBT 247).
One of the historical oddities here is Karkov's discussing the "successful" siege and capture of the Alcazar (FWBT 242).
NANA, work on The Spanish Earth, and writing of FWBT. Extensive notes and index.]
Facing certain death, Robert Jordan can say, "I wish there was more time" (FWBT 380).
Wyatt adds a fourth response, forgiveness, in his analysis of FWBT. Discusses IOT, iot, SAR, FTA, DIA, GHOA, OMS, GOE, MF, among others.
So why wouldn't it be all right to just do it now and then the whole thing would be over with" (FWBT 369-70).
Carroll stresses EH's love of the Spanish people over his commitment to politics and relates the bitter controversy with the Lincoln veterans following the publication of FWBT which many characterized as anti-communist.
Works discussed include The Spanish Earth, FC, THHN, and FWBT.]