FWCAFish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958
FWCAFish and Wildlife Conservation Act of 1980
FWCAFolkes Worton Chartered Accountants (Stourbridge, West Midlands, England, UK)
FWCAFort Worth Claims Association (Fort Worth, TX)
FWCAFixed Wing Combat Aircraft
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The adviser has also agreed to bear up to USD500,000 of certain expenses related to the transfer of the advisory relationship from FWCA to it.
FWCA was selected for five reasons: (a) it is scientist based; (b) it is a self-directed work team type of organization; (c) it advocates issues related to climate and water; (d) members of FWCA produce scholarly journal articles in the agricultural and natural sciences area; and (e) members of FWCA publish scholarly articles around the globe.
All FWCA members' published articles were archived on the FWCA official website.
This study used descriptive statistics to identify the number of publications, the number of citations generated by each FWCA article, and the number of journals that published FWCA articles.
familiar with the ESA, NEPA, and the FWCA will recognize some
Part IV compares them with similar provisions in NEPA and the FWCA. To
Given the development philosophy of the time, this approach was perhaps the best that could be expected and served at least to require some consideration of environmental factors in traditional water resource development programs.(461) As cases decided under FWCA make clear, however, this consultation process was hardly adequate to give true "parity" to protection of aquatic ecosystem resources in the context of the prevailing water resource development programs.(462) Moreover, even this limited role became largely moot, since compliance with NEPA has consistently been held adequate per se for purposes of compliance with FWCA.(463)
NEPA forced federal agencies to evaluate more comprehensively the environmental impacts of proposed federal actions.(464) As Construed by the courts, NEPA is also a process statute that forces decision-making procedures rather than substantive results.(465) Nevertheless, NEPA and its implementing requirements adopted by the courts and in the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations include several traits that qualify it, more than FWCA, as a potential watershed protection tool.
FWCA is a New York Limited Liability company formed in June 2012 to provide investment management and advisory services to registered investment companies and institutional investors.
FWCA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Four Wood Capital Partners LLC.
A non-diversified, closed-end management investment company, the fund is advised by Four Wood Capital Advisors LLC (FWCA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Four Wood Capital Partners LLC and sub-advised by THL Credit Advisors LLC.