FWCSFort Wayne Community Schools (Indiana)
FWCSFlorida West Coast Symphony
FWCSFlight Watch Control Station (aviation)
FWCSForeign Workers Compensation Scheme (Malaysia)
FWCSFrancis West Computer Services (London, UK)
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Family Welfare Centres are the major source of supply of modern contraceptives: 35 percent of IUD users and 21 percent each of users of the pill and injection are served by FWCs. Government hospitals and clinics are the major source for female sterilisation, serving 78 percent of the women.
Data on time utilisation of staff on FP and other health services and the number of clients visiting the centres collected from a sample of 15 (43 percent) of the FWCs from Sheikhupura district of Punjab indicate that the total time of centres' staff utilised for all services, including family planning and all administrative work, varied between 18 percent to 58 percent.
The number of clients who visited the FWCs are reported in Table 5 for the tehsils and the district for family planning and other services.
Fifty-six CYP or 15 births were averted in a year by a FWC. The total cost of these FWCs ranges between Rs 2.4 1ac to 3.2 1ac (in 1992 prices).
The utilisation of the FWCs is related to a gamut of factors, which include the following:
Cast-effectiveness of Family Welfare Centres (FWCs)
All FWCs have a more or less similar cost structure with slight variations due primarily to cost of contraceptives.
Comparison of the district cost per birth averted of FWCs and MSUs indicate that per unit cost of IUD is cheaper in FWCs whereas per unit cost of surgery is cheaper in MSUs.
Comparing the district costs of MSUs and FWCs, all methods involve higher cost per birth averted by the MSUs than the FWCs except for IUD.