FWEForest and Wildlife Ecology (University of Wisconsin)
FWEForum for Women Entrepreneurs
FWEField Work Educator (medical professional clinicals)
FWEFallout 3 Wanderers Edition (video game)
FWEFood Warming Equipment Company, Inc. (Crystal Lake, Illinois)
FWEFarm Working Expenses
FWEForeign Weapons Evaluation
FWEFiber Weave Effect
FWEFinished with Engines (ship telegraph)
FWEFocused Wave Engine
FWEForce Warning Experiment
FWEFurnished with Equipment
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Experience of the FWE. Characteristics of the FWE were frequently described by the participants as a contributing factor to the development of their clinical reasoning skills.
Under FWE correction, no results suggested significant differences between the groups.
Compared to CR group, the WM impairment of TR group was located mainly in the right temporal lobe [Figure 1]a and in the right occipital lobe [Figure 1]b after FWE correction.
Eighty-percent of these areas lie in waters beyond the reach of fixed turbines, making floating wind a key player contributing to the world's energy transition into a low carbon future, said John Chadderdon, Q FWE Director.
Error probability was set to p < 0.001 uncorrected for multiple comparisons since none of the voxels survived when FWE correction was imposed with p < 0.05.
[38] reduced at long-term (cognitive follow-up results in [31]) Memory fMRI paradigm results at FWE uncorrected ACC = anterior cingulate cortex; ACG = active control group; BA = Brodmann area; CR = cognitive rehabilitation; EF = executive functions; FC = functional connectivity; fMRI = functional magnetic resonance imaging; FSL = FMRIB Software Library; H&Y = Hoehn and Yahr; ICA = independent component analysis; MRI = magnetic resonance image; PD = Parkinson's disease; PFC = prefrontal cortex; TBSS = tract-based spatial statistics; VBM = voxel-based morphometry.
mombin genotypes Variables Mean SD Minimum Maximum Ampleness FL (mm) 31.85 4.10 21.11 44.66 23.55 FW (mm) 20.55 2.88 13.08 34.97 21.89 FT (mm) 21.36 2.76 14.45 29.51 15.06 FV (ml) 9.95 3.42 2.00 21.00 19.00 FWE (g) 8.69 3.05 2.60 18.63 16.03 FPW (g) 6.07 2.51 0.15 15.27 15.12 TSS 14.29 2.81 5.00 22.00 17.00 pH 3.86 0.17 3.42 4.30 0.88 SW (g) 2.62 1.17 0.67 6.29 5.62 SL (mm) 26.52 3.60 13.40 40.03 26.63 SWE (mm) 14.15 2.17 7.12 22.25 15.13 ST (mm) 15.13 2.36 8.62 33.61 24.99 FL: Fruit length (mm), FW: fruit width (mm), FT: fruit thickness (mm), FV: fruit volume (ml), FWE: fruit weight (g), FPW: fruit pulp weight (g), TSS: total soluble solids (Brix), pH: hydrogen potential, SWE: seed weight (g), SL: seed length (mm), SW: seed width (mm) and ST; seed thickness (mm).
The significance of the differences between the schizophrenia patients and healthy controls were calculated by applying general linear models to FA, AD, MD, and RD maps, separately using a voxel-wise height threshold of P value less than 0.0005 combined with a cluster-level family-wise error (FWE) correction for multiple comparisons.
Translating the Devil: Religion and Modernity among the Fwe in Ghana.
A repeated-measures analysis of variance (rANOVA) with t-tests was performed with two factors (construction x scrambling), the results of which were thresholded at uncorrected P < 0.001 for the voxel level, and at corrected P < 0.05 for the cluster level, with family-wise error (FWE) correction across the whole brain.
FWe strolled it in the end, and it was great to see.