FWFFonds Zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (The Austrian Science Fund)
FWFFirewall Forward
FWFFédération Wushu France (martial arts)
FWFFlorida Wildlife Federation
FWFFormer Warring Factions
FWFFair Weather Friend
FWFFlorida Writers Foundation
FWFForward Facing
FWFFuture Wife Friday
FWFFrench Woods Festival (Hancock, NY)
FWFFatWallet Finance (online forum)
FWFFleet Weather Facility
FWFFixed Word Format
FWFFun with Fire (movie)
FWFFriends of Women Foundation
FWFForward Warring Forces
FWFFat White Female
FWFFort Worth Fleet
FWFFree-Est Wavelength First
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H1(a-d): WFC reduces job satisfaction (1a); FWC reduces job satisfaction (1b); WFF increases job satisfaction (1c); and FWF increases job satisfaction (1d).
Rothbard found that FWF occurred significantly more frequently for women than for men, and McNall et al.
Waste Control Specialists seeks to increase FWF waste capacity from 26 million cubic-feet to 31 million cubic-feet.
In 2007 the FWF (Austrian Science Fund) decided to support research into the musical life of Viennese Czechs by approving a three-year project entitled "Musikkultur der Wiener Tschechen 1848-1939" under the direction of Prof.
Liska thanks the FWF for financial support (P18623-N17).
Labor's intention to 'crack down' on illegal strike activity is made even clearer in the FWF Implementation Plan, note 31 above, pp 21-22.
Both WFF and FWF were negatively related to turnover intention.
Under the leadership of John Drew, who began with the company in 1985 and purchased the company in 1988, FWF entered additional geographic markets and handled a growing variety of recyclable materials.
The show of force exercise with the culminating CALFEX demonstration and the attendant local, national, and international media coverage had a profound impact on the FWF political and military leadership.
An FWF is someone you can only count on when things are going her way.