FWFSFair Winds and Following Seas
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(9) Demonstrations and shows of force, supported by effective information operations, can deter adversaries from interfering with the peace-operations force or its objectives or from resuming the hostilities with the other FWFs. (10) The objective is to demonstrate resolve and commitment to a peaceful resolution while underlying the readiness and ability to use force if required.
(15) The culmination point of the exercise was the CALFEX demonstration conducted in front of an audience of major political and military leaders of the FWFs. The message that SFOR wanted to send was that although they would lessen the military force structure in the future, they still had the capability and means to deploy a potent military force in the event of heightened tensions.
The show of force exercise with the culminating CALFEX demonstration and the attendant local, national, and international media coverage had a profound impact on the FWF political and military leadership.