FWHHFull Width at the Half-Height
FWHHFrancis Walker Halfway House (Florida)
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The same samples, that is, under cured materials consistently provided broader tan delta peaks as measured by the full width at half height (FWHH) values (Table 5).
Storage modulus (E'), [T.sub.g], [M.sub.c], [v.sub.c], full width at half height (FWHH) of DGEBA-based epoxy prepolymer, and 3,3'-DDS (stoichiometric ratio) thermosets.
(1958) equation for the angular dependence of the full width at half height: FWHH = [([Utan.sup.2][theta] + Vtan[theta] + W).sup.1/2], in which U, V, and W are refinable parameters and [theta] is the Bragg angle.