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FWHMFull Width at Half Maximum
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9(d) denote the values of FWHM of diffraction peaks of preferentially oriented (311) plane of five anodized aluminum specimens as a function of anodization temperature.
However, there is a known limitation that CQDs give broad emission and inferior color-purity with FWHM commonly exceeding 80 nm, and this limits CQDs' applications in display technology, where high color-purity is a prerequisite.
Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectra is produced when laser is used the excitation source; unlike normal lamp used in spectrofluorometer, LIF spectra would have smaller FWHM. Figure 4 shows LIF obtained when a pump energy of 3 mJ was delivered to one of the samples (CdSe/ZnS (560 nm, QD-1) dispersed in THF at a concentration of 26 mg/5 mL).
Results obtained considering variations of reconstruction parameter (i.e., reconstruction type, matrix size, FWHM of Gaussian filter, number of iterations, and number of subsets) are summarized in Figure 5, grouped with respect to COVs.
No single significant correlation between FWHM and the functional lung parameters could be shown.
The resolution (FWHM) calibration curve was established as a role to pronounce the peak width against the spectral energy.
where [D.sub.p] = average crystallite size, [beta] = line broadening in radians (FWHM), [theta] = Bragg angle, and [lambda] = X-ray wavelength (1.54 [Angstrom]).
For Figure 5(d) case, the spectrum covered from 1600 nm to 2500 nm, with the FWHM of 452 nm.
7: The FWHM of the image versus object position as the source move from (41,-3.996) to (41,-6.996).
CBF, ASL-CVR, and BOLD amplitude, TTP, FWHM and CVR values were obtained for GM.
Caption: FIGURE 8: Peak position ([E.sub.Peak]) and full width at half maximum (FWHM) versus a for the square and triangular lattices.
The envelope width describes the broadening of the radiated impulse and is characterized by the full width of magnitude of the envelope at half maximum (FWHM).