FWHPFlywheel Horsepower (engines)
FWHPFront Wheel Horse Power
FWHPFort William Historical Park (Thunder Bay, ON, Canada)
FWHPFlowing Well Head Pressure
FWHPForest and Watershed Health Plan (New Mexico)
FWHPFront Wheel Horsepower
FWHPFull Width at Half Peak
FWHPFriends of West Ham Park (London, England)
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In addition to the enhanced power mode, the PC170LC-11 excavator features a new viscous fan clutch, which provides up to a 5 percent higher FWHP rating and reduced sound levels; an auto idle and auto idle shutdown system to reduce fuel consumption and provide better management of nonproductive extended idle time; reduced hydraulic pressure loss within the main valve; a platform-mounted DEF tank with sight glass for easy access and filling; six work modes match engine speed and pump flow to various applications; and much more.
4MMscf/d has been measured with a 48/64 inch choke with a FWHP of 4122psi.