FWIFour Winds Interactive (Denver, CO)
FWIFire Weather Index
FWIFrench West Indies
FWIFarmers Weekly Interactive
FWIFixed Wireless Interface
FWIFacil Web Interface
FWIFamilies and Work Institute
FWIForest Fire Weather Index
FWIFinancial Women International
FWIFreightwatch International (Austin, TX)
FWIFreshwater Institute (Shepherdstown, WV, USA)
FWIFacebooking while Intoxicated (social media)
FWIFlying While Intoxicated
FWIFaculty Workstation Initiative (various schools)
FWIFenderwell Intake (auto tuning)
FWIField Work Instructor (various schools)
FWIFossilized Walrus Ivory
FWIFramework-I (UK social services casework management system/database)
FWIFraudWatch International (internet security company; est. 2003)
FWIFlash with Info
FWIFoster Wheeler Italiana SpA
FWIFluvial Water Influx
FWIFort Waste Industries (custom art design; Fort Wayne, IN)
FWIFleet Weapons Integration (usually appears in conjunctions with AIP)
FWIFloating While Intoxicated
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When compared with global equities, FWI outperformed 98% of the time over any 5-year investment horizon since 'dec-99 to dec-04' until our last data point at 'dec-07 to dec-12'.
Drilling has confirmed that this image is much more accurate than the previous one and FWI is now a required part of our approach to seismic imaging of these giant fields in the Caspian.
As one of the FWI members remarked, "It gave us a feeling that is hard to explain.
and what business leaders have called `the war for talent,' there has been widespread interest in finding, managing and retaining young workers, or Generation X," FWI President Ellen Galinsky said in a recent statement.
For 76 years, FWI has been connecting women in all segments of the financial services industry and empowering them to meet their professional, economic, and personal goals.
FWI also found that women who work for flexible bosses are seven times less likely to quit their jobs and more likely to return to work quickly.
During the spring, female and male octopuses showed the greatest FWI, whereas in summer they showed the lowest, coinciding with the spawning/spent stage.
3 million from James Hansen by FWI Oregon, a limited liability corporation located in Edmonds, Wash.
The weather-based FWI System models fuel moisture using a dynamic bookkeeping method that tracks the drying and wetting of distinct fuel layers in the forest floor.
Principal Lines: FWI, Woods, LaMarche, Linen Liners, Marley Moulding, Complete, Larson-Juhl Territory: All States Furst Brothers Company P.
The effect of dietary Se-enriched JRS on serum IgG and yolk IgY concentration and FWI and SOD activity is shown in Table 7.