FWRAFood and Water Risk Assessment (US DoD)
FWRAFlorida Watershed Restoration Act (est. 1999)
FWRAFlorida Wildlife Rehabilitators Association (Anna Maria, FL)
FWRAFar West Racing Association
FWRAFederal Workforce Restructuring Act of 1994
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The FWRA has been conducting a food waste operations survey every other year since 2012.
Some 67% of retailers and wholesalers surveyed cited liability concerns as the biggest challenge, according to FWRA.
Collaboration between associations and their members was responsible for the formation of FWRA in 2011 by GMA, Food Marketing Institute, and National Restaurant Association.
According to the FWRA report, "Food manufacturers have an opportunity to continue to reduce the amount of food waste they generate and to move up the food waste hierarchy to increase the percentage they donate."
and a founding member of the FWRA. "It's one of those things that no one company can move the needle on.
From a group of three, FWRA is now 30 strong and includes major players from each of the three food sectors, among them retailers from Publix to Kroger, manufacturers from General Mills to ConAgra, and foodservice companies from McDonald's to Darden.
[section]604.001 while simultaneously maintaining and pursuing the water management districts' CWA and FWRA goals.
and cochair of the FWRA. "This new data not only helps us better understand how the industry currently is managing food waste, it gives us a benchmark against which we can measure our progress."
and cochair of the FWRA. "It's important to find more ways to keep food and food waste out of landfills, identify the challenges that prevent us from doing so and develop responsible policies to assist in these efforts."
The FWRA issued a statement in response to the unveiling of the Food Waste Challenge: "The Food Waste Reduction Alliance is pleased to join the USDA's Food Waste Challenge as founding partner.
Both the MIL-STD-3006A and the FWRA program are based upon the same federal food safety laws of the United States.
Marketing the availability of FWRA service to all branches of the US military increases the awareness and decreases risk of food and water-borne disease outbreaks (diarrhea and vomiting) during exercises.