FWTBFirst Western Trust Bank (various locations)
FWTBFederal Withholding Tax Base
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The Q value for the four relationships was significant (QCET [right arrow] DPJ = 57.621, p < .001; QCET [right arrow] FPJ = 249.080, p < .001; QCET [right arrow] DWTB = 71.745, p < .001; QCET [right arrow] FWTB = 1073.330, p < .001), which means the effect size is heterogeneous.
The value for CET [right arrow] FWTB was -0.071, indicating consumer ethnocentrism was negatively related to willingness to buy foreign product (rz = -.071, p = .623), including zero in the lower limit and upper limit.
Another Neuropedagogy FWTB project was a crib-sized quilt made with brain-related patches.