FWTBTFor Whom the Bell Tolls
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Compares macro and micro social theories of revolution to EH's diverse treatment of the rebel hero in DIA, FWTBT, and OMATS, revealing that EH's heroes are truly ordinary individuals who are psychologically and emotionally transformed by their experiences.
Pilar proudly proclaims she has "lived with three bullfighters" (FWTBT 60), brags of mak[ing] love in Valencia" with one (94), smokes (108), and discusses with Robert and Maria how often "the earth moved" for her during lovemaking (190).
At least in this way, Maria's claim that she and Jordan are "the same" is true (FWTBT 262-263).
He has heard of such atrocities before, but has never truly felt them until now: "Pilar had made him see it in that town" (FWTBT 134).
blending English with Spanish or Italian) to create simultaneously a sense of the foreign and accessible in a number of texts, including "Hills Like White Elephants,' "Che Ti Dice la Patria" "The Capital of the World" and FWTBT. Also examines EH's blending of multiple genres (e.g.
In addition to AFTA, SAR, FWTBT, ARIT and GOE, Nolan briefly discusses "Indian Camp," "Ten Indians," and "Fathers and Sons."]
The leaders of the mob march the Fascists into the public square down a processional row and the villagers are expected to strike the prisoners, taking equal part in their execution so that, as Pilar tells a fellow villager, "each man should have his share in the responsibility" (FWTBT 106).
He kissed the crucifix and the priest blessed him and he stood up and looked at Pablo and jerked his head toward the door.["] (FWTBT 123)
By contrast, Hemingway resolved the problem of how to get around the censors and still convey the profanity of his characters by using the words "obscenity" and "unprintable" in place of the forbidden words the characters are actually uttering, as in "Go and obscenity thyself" or "Go to the unprintable" and "unprint thyself" (FWTBT 45).
[Notes that the Speiser and Easterling-Hallman Foundation Collection at the Thomas Cooper Library, U of South Carolina, contains rare salesman's dummies of DIA, WTN, FWTBT.]
He is thus like his character Robert Jordan, who "accepted [Communist] discipline for the duration of the [Spanish Civil] war" because such discipline gave the best chance of defeating the Fascists, the one indispensable goal (FWTBT 163).
Did Hemingway get the idea for Pablo's use of the unfamiliar Mauser taken from an officer (Knickerbocker's "automatic revolver" is unlikely(2)) and the gray slumped bodies of the dead civiles from similar photos (FWTBT 100-102)?