FWTPFrom War to Peace (San Luis Obispo, CA)
FWTPFalmouth Wastewater Treatment Plant (Falmouth, WA)
FWTPFree World Training Partners (Alaska)
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(68) It wrongly advised that corrosion control did not need to be implemented upon commencement of full-time FWTP operation.
(97) In response to the bacterial contamination, FWTP began to use more chlorine disinfectant in the water.
The switch to FWTP may also have increased the likelihood of Legionella contamination, contributing to Legionellosis outbreaks in 2014 and 2015.
(106) Around a third of the patients were exposed to FWTP drinking water, and many were potentially exposed in healthcare facilities.
FWTP water may have contributed to the Legionellosis outbreak via multiple pathways.
We compiled discharge data for the FWTP from its establishment in 1987 to the present, and observed that loading increased during the first 7 years of operation (Fig.
1B), and DIN and B effluent concentrations (2017 [micro]M and 13.3 [micro]M respectively) were measured from the last holding pond at FWTP. This method estimates that 56% of DIN is lost.
Values of excess N2 along the shore averaged 46.8 [micro]M N (n = 18, se = 3.9), indicating that only 8% of the DIN in the effluent leaving the FWTP was denitrified within the aquifer.