FWVPFallout Wind Vector Plot
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After waiting more than 20 years for an immigrant visa, the FWVP program enabled Jeorge Milla to be reunited with his mother in Hawaii while awaiting his visa.
Under the FWVP program, the adult children of Filipino World War II veterans, along with their spouses and children under age 21, can finally be together in the United States while they await an available immigrant visa.
Derivative beneficiaries are not eligible for the FWVP Program on their own.
Derivative children age 21 or older or married are not eligible for the FWVP Program.
If a petitioner does not apply for the principal beneficiary, USCIS will not consider the associated derivative beneficiaries under the FWVP Program.
The FWVP Program is intended for family members outside of the United States.
admitted that not too many people are well informed yet on the FWVP even if the information had been available for more than a month.
The FWVP program was borne out of an initial policy announced in July 2015 by the Obama administration.
There are several benefits of FWVP as thousands of family members may take advantage of this program in the next five years.
As mentioned by the USCIS in its May 9, 2016 announcement of this parole program, the FWVP is a discretionary determination that will be made on a case by case basis.