FXDForeign Exchange Digital
FXDForeign Exchange Derivatives (finance)
FXDFrançois-Xavier Duponchelle (computer services; France)
FXDHarley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide motorcycle model
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TreasuryXpress, a provider of on-demand treasury management solutions (TMS), has announced it has partnered with FXD Capital, a money broker and deposit specialist, to empower corporate treasurers and finance directors to achieve comprehensive cash visibility and improve the way they manage their idle cash, the company said.
Savchenko & Makar (2010) investigates whether firms have changed their future use of FXDs which are genuinely exposed for foreign currency exposure.
The most important explanatory variable is FXD foreign currency deposits as a share of total deposits of the private non-financial sector.
u = overall mean, Si = random effect of squar (i= 1to 2), Cj = random effect of cow (j = 1 to 8), Pk = fixed effect of period (j = 1 to 4), Fl = fixed effect of source of protein (k = 1 to 2), Dm= fixed effect of pistachio by product, (FxD) = fixed effect of interaction of Fl and Dm and, eijklm = residual, assumed to be normally distributed.
The amount of spot LR1s on the Cont have reduced as there was some interest for Naphtha to FEast, and also some LR1s were fxd on MR stems.
Osram chose Lexan FXD polycarbonate (PC) resin to mould its new line of high-end, retrofit CFL candle bulbs called the Duluxstar Mini Candle.
Table 1a Inflation results: tax revenue Level [R.sup.2] DW Significant Variables (Coefficients) High (New Zealand) .32 1.16 FXD (.99), GMT (-.16) Medium High (Malaysia) .23 1.51 II (.91), IT (4.52), FXD (.87) Medium (Mexico) .66 1.16 CBGov (-.01), DD (-3.63), II (.06) Medium Low (Philippines) .45 1.55 CBGov (-.76), FCD (1.51), II (.92) Low (India) .40 1.92 FCD (1.68), II (.73), IT (2.43) Table 1b Level [R.sup.2] DW Significant Variables (Coefficients) High (New Zealand) .07 2.45 FCD (-1.19) Medium High (Malaysia) .19 2.10 FCD (-1.98), IT (-12.10) Medium (Mexico) .12 3.40 DD (22.60), FCD (-2.88), Surplus (-1.16) Medium Low (Philippines) .01 3.24 None Low (India) .03 1.87 None Table 1c Unemployment results: tax revenue Level Adj.
Al discriminar por clases de derivados, los resultados indican que el 45% utiliza derivados sobre divisas (FXD); el 33%, derivados sobre tasas de interes (IRD), y solo el 10%, derivados sobre precios de commodities (CPD).
CHARACTERISTICaLIE, those drivers forget to EULER up before they leave, and the trucks break down, delaying many of the COMMUTATORS headed to Fxd. That SEMI-GROUP has been HOLDERing everyone up."
Speedline also showed the FXD dispenser, which is replacing five dispensing platforms, and aimed at the mid-range market.
The FXD series of narrowband low noise oscillators covers frequencies from 2 to 9 GHz and is ideally suited for use as a DRO replacement.
FXD CAPITAL FXD Capital, the money broker and deposit specialist, has appointed Mike Tindall, the former England, Bath and Gloucester rugby legend.