FYFFind Your Feet (British charity)
FYFFor your Fun
FYFFano Yacht Festival
FYFForeningen af Yngre Forskere (Copenhagen, Denmark)
FYFFace Your Fear (gaming)
FYFFashoda Youth Forum (Nairobi, Kenya)
FYFFacing Your Future (Calvin Seminary program, Grand Rapids, MI)
FYFFull Year Forecast
FYFFor Your File
FYFFortify Your Faith (Stockton, CA)
FYFForty Yard Fakeout (band)
FYFFeed Your Flock
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Emory said events such as FYF Fest are instrumental in raising awareness, especially among young people.
It's the first time FYF Fest has been held at a park.
Childhood pals Phil Hoelting, left, and Sean Carlson organized FYF Fest, a music festival to raise awareness of impending state park closures.
The FYF teachers who tested their students received about three to four hours of training during Fall 2006.
The results for this study are based on a sample of eight hundred students (673 FYF and 127 controls) who took both the pretest and posttest instruments and provided background data.
Table 1 presents the distribution of the matched sample of 673 FYF students and 127 control students across course and personal characteristics.
A financial knowledge test was constructed to measure student understanding of personal finance as presented in the FYF videos and lesson materials.
The content validity of the FYF knowledge test is evident in Table 2, which shows the distribution of the thirty multiple-choice items across the fifteen FYF lessons.
Table 3 reports the percentage correct scores achieved by the 673 students in the FYF group before and after implementation of the FYF program.
After instruction, FYF students achieved a mean score of 68.
Comparison of the total scores achieved by the FYF group at the time of the pretest and posttest provided strong evidence of the curriculum's ability to influence students' understanding of the material.
Data for the subscores in Table 3 show the improvement in FYF students' financial knowledge resulted from increases across the concepts in all five FYF videos.