FYFTEFull-Year Full-Time Equivalents (employment measure)
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'Heresy and treason', consequently, are continually linked throughout Smyth's broadsides, as witnessed by his efforts to elide support for religious reform with civil disobedience, labelling those of what he calls 'your secte' as Lollards, whose religious unorthodoxy was strongly linked with sedition, and directing his audience to 'Reade of Henry the fyfte', where 'we playnly fynde, what a detestable sorte | [...] against theyr kynge dyd ryse' (Enuoye, verso).
These lists are replete with references to plays in which Alleyn customarily performed, including "Tamberlynes cotte with coper lace," "Tamberlanes breches of crimson velvet." (Other rich costumes--particularly "Roben Hoodes sewtte," "Valteger['s] robe of rich tafitie," "Faetone['s] sewte," "Harey the fyftes dublet," and "Harey the fyftes vellet gowne"--raise the question of which actor performed the lead role in these plays.
The costumes, however, were apparently lost, worn out, or disposed of; for among the inventory taken on March 10 and 13 of 1598, the "Gone and loste" costumes include two listings each for "Harey the fyftes vellet gown" and "Harey the fyftes dublet" (317, 323).